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Environment, Water Supply and Sanitation
Making adequate quantities of clean and safe water available to a rapidly growing populace is one of the greatest challenges that India’s central and state governments and local bodies face in this century. At the same time, they must also work to minimize or mitigate the detrimental impact of increasing numbers of people on the environment.
Understanding the scope and magnitude of the problem, we have built up significant expertise and experience in these sectors over the years, and are now able to formulate reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions to these problems. We provide consultancy services in water supply, waste water treatment and water recycling projects, and also offer services in environmental engineering, risk management and disaster management.

Conceptual Design Report, Master plan & Comprehensive Detailed Project Reports
Water Supply
  Identification of Sources, Hydrological Studies, Source Sustainability & Feasibility
Hydraulic Design of Water Supply Distribution Network Systems
Groundwater & Rainwater Harvesting Studies & Water Conservation Practices
Surge Analysis for Pumping Mains & Gravity Mains
Design and Cost Analysis for Intake Structures, Pumping Arrangements, Water Treatment Plants, Elevated & Ground Level Service Reservoirs
UFW, NRW Studies and Preparation of Water Safety Plans
Water and Energy Audits
Appraisals & Approvals of Funding Agencies (JNNURM/JICA/World bank/ADB)
GIS for Data Storage and Analysis
Underground Drainage
  Hydraulic Design of Sewer Distribution Network Systems
Selection of Technologies Using Life Cycle Cost Analysis & Decision Support Systems
Design and Cost Analysis of Sewage Treatment Plants, Pumping Arrangements & Collection Wells
Appraisals & Approvals of Funding Agencies (JNNURM/JICA/World bank/ADB)
Stormwater Drainage
  Hydrological Investigations such as Rainfall Intensity and Run-off Studies
Delineation of Catchment Areas, Land Use Pattern Studies for Storm Calculations
Design of Stormwater Drainage Networks Using GIS tools
Third Party Quality Assurance & Control and Construction Supervision
  Quality Control Tests for Urban Infrastructure Projects such as WTPs, ELSR, GLSR, STPs & Stormwater Drains
Review of Designs, Material Testing & Inspection at Factory Premises
Compliance Reports on Quality of Work

  Environmental Screening, Scoping Studies & Generation of Environmental Baseline Data
Environment Impact Assessment Studies and Environmental Management Plans
Tree Plantation Strategies
Environmental Clearances from State PCBs/MoEF
Monitoring and Supervision of Environmental Attributes during Construction/O&M based on MoEF/SPCB Guidelines
Preparation and Submission of Environmental Compliance Reports according to World Bank/ADB/JBIC/ MoEF/SPCB Specifications
Environmental Audits: Compliance, EMS, Green Belt Development, Safety & Health, and O&M Audits
Risk Assessment & Preparation of Disaster Management Plans
  Related Key Projects
  Strengthening, Rehabilitation and Formulation of Water Supply for 12 ULBs in Hyderabad Metropolitan Area
  Flood Alleviation & Mitigation and Design of Macro Drainage, Micro Drainage and Waterways for Chennai City