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Water Resources & Irrigation
In a country where the majority of the population makes a living from agriculture, it is difficult to overstate the importance of irrigation. Starting with consulting services for an irrigation project involving twin dams at Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh, India, we have now grown to become one of the country’s foremost consultants in the sector.
We provide design and construction supervision services in the execution of large irrigation and hydropower projects involving the construction of canals, barrages, pipelines, and associated structures.

Conceptual Plans and Feasibility Report
  Study, Review and Formulation of Schemes
Assessment of Water Availability and Water Requirements
Identification of Viable or Economic Alignments
Development of Conceptual Plans
Preliminary Topographical Surveys
Preliminary Geological/Geotechnical Investigations
Schematic Designs and Estimates
Feasibility Reports
Detailed Project Report
  Detailed Topographical Surveys
Detailed Geological/Geotechnical Investigations
Hydrological Studies
Design Flood and Sedimentation Studies
Agriculture Planning
Detailed Designs, Drawings and Estimates
EIA/EMP Studies
Land Acquisition Schedule
Resettlement & Rehabilitation Plans
Detailed Project Report
Clearances from Statutory Bodies like CDO, CWC, MoEF etc.
Pre-Tender Engineering
  Review of Tender Document and Assessment of Tender Requirements
Preliminary Surveys and Investigations
Data Collection
Preparation of Schematic Designs, Drawings & BOQs
Tender Submittals
Detailed Design Engineering
  Data Collection
Detailed Surveys/Investigations
Hydraulic Designs
Hydraulic Model Studies: CFD Analysis, Physical Model Studies etc.
Detailed Designs and Drawings
Obtaining Design Approvals
Detailed Working Drawings and BOQs
Technical Services during Construction and Post Construction
Monthly Progress Reports
As-built Drawings
Design Proof Checking
  Checking Designs and Drawings
Modification/ corrections
Attending Technical Meetings with the Designers/Clients
Construction Supervision
  Checking of Designs and Drawings
Review of PERT Charts and Schedules
Verification of Material Test Results
Day to Day Supervision of Work
Monthly Progress Reports and Re-scheduling
Recording and Certification of Bills
  Related Key Projects
  Sripadasagar Project
  Rehabilitation and Modernisation of Nagarjunasagar Project