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After periods of slow growth, the railways sector in India is now resurgent. In the face of looming energy shortages, railways have re-emerged as a viable means to transport both passengers and freight. Growth in the sector has also been fuelled by the growth of the extraction and processing industries, and developments in the power sector.

We are now one of the largest and most innovative consulting firms in this field, with a large team of highly qualified and experienced engineers. In addition to feasibility studies, design services, detailed project reports and project management services, we also liaise with the relevant agencies in the Indian Railways to obtain the necessary approvals for railway projects.

Reconnaissance Survey/Conceptual Plan/Feasibility Report
  Study of Serving Station Layout/Sectional Capacity
Reconnaissance Survey and Development of Route Conceptual Plan
Development of In-plant Rail Layouts – Cement, Steel, Power, Port and Logistics Development of Junction Arrangement with Indian Railways
Preparation of Feasibility Report and Obtaining Approval from Railways Obtaining Rail Traffic Clearance from Railway Board
Detailed Project Report
  Preliminary Engineering, Traffic Survey and Assessment of Traffic Volumes Identification of Technically and Economically Viable Route/Alignment
Design of Alignment, Junction Arrangements at Stations and In-plant Yard Layouts
Final Location Survey of the Selected Alignment
Preparation of Detailed Working Drawings including Scale Plans, L-Sections etc. Preparation of Signalling and OHE/General Electrical Schemes
Preparation of Detailed Cost Estimates
Obtaining Approval for the Detailed Project Report from Railways
Detailed Engineering and Pre- and Post-Bid Assistance
  Preparing Working Drawings for Bridges, Structures, Signalling, OHE etc. Obtaining Approvals from Railways
Preparing Tender Documents
Assistance in Bid Finalization for the Client including Shortlisting of Vendors/Suppliers/Executing Agencies
Project Management Consultancy Services
  Providing a Work Plan for Construction Activities and Periodical Review Following up with Suppliers to Ensure Timely Delivery of Materials
Providing Technical Guidance, Advice & Technical Checks and Certifying of Measurement of Works
Assistance in Obtaining Railway's Certification and Commissioning
Preparation & Certification of 'As - Built' Drawings
Design Consultancy Services - Bridges, Structures, Viaducts & Stations
  Study, Assessment and Review of Existing Bridge Structures
Propose Waterway/Openings, Type, Span and Other Details for the Bridges
Geotechnical Investigations
Detailed Designs of all Components of Bridges/Viaducts/Stations/Other Utilities
Proof Checking
Preparation of GADs & Working Drawings and Obtaining Approvals
Metro Rail Consultancy
  Project Site Studies
Geotechnical Engineering and Survey Services
Alignment Design
Structural Design and Drawings
Track Design
Bridges, Structures and Buildings
Pre-Bid & Post-Bid Assistance
BOQ & Tender Documents EIA & EMP Study

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