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Urban Planning
As more and more people migrate to cities from rural areas in search of a better livelihood, the infrastructure in India’s towns and cities is coming under increasing strain. Increasing urbanization also creates its own share of environmental and ecological challenges. In this context, the consultancy services we provide to the central and state governments and various local bodies are critical in ensuring the healthy and well-planned growth of our urban agglomerations. Our urban planning division offers planning solutions using the latest geospatial tools and techniques to meet the basic development requirements of government agencies and urban local bodies.

Master Plans
Zonal Development Plans
Regional Development Plans
District Development Plans
Urban Regeneration Projects
Town Development Schemes
City Development Plans under JNNURM
Comprehensive Infrastructure Investment Plans
Existing Land Use Surveys and Analysis
Socio-economic Surveys
Traffic and Transportation Studies
Spatial Analysis of Settlements and Network Analysis
Infrastructure Assessment, Environmental Studies and SWOT Analysis
Development of Perspectives and Visions for Cities
Strategies to Achieve Long Term Objectives
Master Plans Integrating Land Use Planning with Traffic and Transportation
City Investment Plans and Financing Strategies
Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Studies
Comprehensive Mobility Plans
Slum Free City Development Plans
  Geo-referenced Town Maps using Satellite Imagery
Topographical Surveys and Development of Slum Base Maps on GIS Platform
Integration of GIS and MIS Data from Household Surveys
Assessment and Analysis of Slums
Biometric Identification of Slum Dwellers
Micro Planning by the Slum Dwellers
Selection of Development Models for Housing and Slum Infrastructure
Traffic Management Plans
  Analysis of the Existing Urban Transport Environments
Urban Transport Development Strategies
Urban Mobility Plans, Travel Demand Forecasting, Traffic Management Plans
Implementation Programs
Traffic Impact Assessment
  Analysis of Existing Road Network System and Traffic Patterns
Forecasts of Future Traffic Volume and Patterns
Capacity Analysis and Level of Services
Junction Improvements and Other Mitigation Measures
Pollution Assessment and Amelioration
Traffic Management Recommendations
  Related Key Projects
  Master Plan for Puttaparthy
  General Town Plans for Nellore Municipal Corporation