Geospatial Services

We offer a wide range of comprehensive geospatial services, to both government and private sector clients. Our expertise in the conceptualization, design and development of robust, scalable and customized geospatial solutions provides us with a set of unique strengths for executing projects in various engineering verticals.

We provide services in Data Development, Digital Mapping Services, Survey, Software Development and Web-GIS, with the necessary tools to increase overall productivity and efficiency in maintenance and workflows.



  • Interpretation of Satellite Imagery
  • Creation of Base Maps
  • Integration of GIS and MIS Data
  • Development of Web-GIS Applications
  • Customization of GIS Applications
  • Development of Decision Support Systems
  • Digital Photogrammetry
  • Network Models, Digital Cost Models, TIN and GRID Analysis
  • Catchment Area Treatment (CAT) Plans and Watershed Analysis
  • Irrigation Infrastructure Planning
  • Canal Distributary through Surface Hydrology Modeling
  • Volume, Cut and Fill Analysis Using Terrain Modeling
  • Water Assessment and Demand Calculations
  • Base and Land Use Maps through HRSI, ETS and DGPS
  • Build-out Analysis
  • Urban e-Governance, MIS and GIS Integration
  • Utilities Mapping, Modeling and Designing
  • Environmental Baseline Maps and Water Safety Plans
  • GIS-based Asset Management and Maintenance
  • Air, Noise and Water Pollution Modeling
  • Cadastral Mapping and Integration Using Modern Surveys and Tools Automated FMBs and Land Records
  • Customized Survey Scheduling and Planning
  • Change Detection and Land Use Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis and Travel Demand
  • Forecasting Optimal Routing of Transportation Services  


Key Projects

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  1. Development of WebGIS for Master Plan pertaining to OST Almeda Corridors Redevelopment Authority (COH TIRZ #7), Houston, U.S.A.
  2. Integrated Water Supply System Simulation and Design for 11 Outer Municipalities of Hyderabad for HMWSS, using GIS, EpaNET and Google Earth Pro, Telangana.
  3. Integrated Storm Water System Network and Catchment Modelling and Simulation using GIS and EpaSWMM for Chennai Urban Catchments, Tamil Nadu.
  4. GIS based Master Plan for Sri Satya Sai Urban Development Authority, Andhra Pradesh.
  5. GIS based Irrigation System for Identification, Planning and Design of Sripada Sagar Irrigation Project, Telangana.
  6. GIS based Decision Support System for Nagarjunasagar Command Area, Telangana.
  7. Water Safety Plans for 9 Influence Zones of Division I and II, Hyderabad, using GIS and IRA-WDS Software, Telangana.
  8. Preparation of Hydraulic Analysis of Distribution Data for GHMC Area in GIS format, Andhra Pradesh.
  9. GIS based Underground Drainage Network for Vijayawada (58 sq. km) under JNNURM Programme, Andhra Pradesh.
  10. GIS based Irrigation System for Identification, Planning and Design of Dummagudem Lift Irrigation Project, Telangana.
  11. Cadastral Survey in Mallepalli Village using High Resolution Satellite Imagery and DGPS, Andhra Pradesh.
  12. Sewerage Network and Sewer Catchments for the Drainage Basin Area of River Musi (363 sq. km) for the National River Conservation Directorate (NRCD), Telangana.
  13. Slum Free City Action Plan for Tirupati Municipal Corporation under RAY Scheme, Andhra Pradesh.
  14. Water Supply network in GIS Platform for 9 Urban Local Bodies in Chennai Metropolitan Area – Package-II, Tamil Nadu.
  15. Cadastral Survey of Pilot Villages of Punjab using Total Station or Photogrammetry or Combination of Both, Punjab.
  16. Integrated Water Supply Network for Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam using GIS and EPANet, Andhra Pradesh.
  17. Comprehensive Infrastructure Investment Plan (CIIP) for Nagari Town, Andhra Pradesh.
  18. GIS Database for 4-laning and Strengthening of NH-7 Nagpur–Hyderabad Section, Telangana.
  19. GIS Database for 4/6-laning of NH-215 Panikoili-Keonjhar-Rimuli Section, Orissa.
  20. GIS Database for 4/6-laning of NH-205 Tirupati-Tiruthani-Chennai Section, Tamil Nadu.
  21. GIS based Integrated Water Supply Network Planning and Design for Dewas, Ujjain and Shajapur Districts, Madhya Pradesh.
  22. GIS based Comprehensive Planning of Water Supply Service Improvements in Palasa-Kasibugga, Guntur and Markapur ULBs, Andhra Pradesh.
  23. GIS database for Water Supply, Sewerage and Solid Waste Management Projects for Sri Bhramarambha Mallikarjuna Swamy Vari Devasthanam, Srisailam, Telangana.
  24. GIS based slum mapping & DPR for Jaipur city under Rajiv Awas Yojna (RAY), Rajasthan.
  25. Slum free city plan & DPR for Anantapur municipal corporation under RAY, Andhra Pradesh.
  26. GIS based slum mapping, preparation of slum redevelopment models and slum free city plan & DPRs for 1st year slums in Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation, Andhra Pradesh.
  27. Slum Re development Models and Slum-free city Plan and DPR for 1 year Slums in Kadapa Municipal Corporation under Ray, Andhra Pradesh.
  28. DGPS Survey of Notified Forest Blocks of Hyderabad Division and Supply & erection of stone monoliths at each Control Point, Telangana.
  29. GIS Base Maps for 31 ULBs of Andhra Pradesh.
  30. District Rural Road Plan (DRRP) in GIS platform for five Districts of Kerala – Ernakulam, Kottayam, Malappuram. Thiruvananthapuram & Thrissur Districts, Kerala.
  31. Detailed investigation including survey of the entire catchment area of Kondaveeti vagu and its in falling drains in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh.
  32. GIS Base Map for 14 towns of Bihar.
  33. GIS Base Map (Balance Work) for 44 ULBs and Base map for 36 ULBs in Andhra Pradesh.- Package-II
  34. GIS Base Map (Balance Work) for 44 ULBs and Base map for 36 ULBs in Andhra Pradesh.- Package-V
  35. GIS Base Maps(balance work) in 44 ULBs & Base Maps in 36 ULBs of Chittoor & Nellore Region of Andhra Pradesh- Package – III.