Project Support


Our Survey Division is equipped with the latest surveying equipment such as DGPS and Total Stations, capable of taking measurements with accuracies that exceed the standard specifications for most civil engineering projects.


  • Reconnaissance Surveys – Walk-through/Inventory
  • Establishment of GC Points and Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Benchmarks
  • Alignment Survey – Exploration of Alternate Alignments
  • Engineering Survey – Roads, Rail, Reservoirs, Canals, Water Supply and Sewerage Projects
  • Topographical Survey – Collection of Ground Features/Grid Levels
  • Catchment Survey – Ridge/Valley Contours
  • Ayacut Survey – Grid Levels, Valley/Ridge Contours and Ground Features
  • Cadastral Survey – Property Lines and Land Areas
  • Hydrographic Survey – River LS/CS, FRL, MWL
  • Final Location Survey – Alignment Stakeout and Resetting
  • Terrestrial LIDAR Scanning and Aerial LIDAR Scanning
  • Aerial Photogrammetry & Drone Survey

Geotechnical & Material Testing

We have a Wide Range of Testing Facilities for Soil, Rock, Cement, Concrete, Coarse & Fine Aggregate and Bitumen, Fulfilling Most Civil Engineering Requirements including Shear Parameters, Consolidation Parameters, Permeability and Swelling Characteristics of Different Types of Soils.

Field Investigations Including Field Dry Density (FDD), and Pavement Analysis by BBD and Bump Integrator.

Geotechnical and Construction Solutions like QA-QC, Ground Improvement Techniques, and Stability Analysis including Reinforced Soil Walls for all Civil Engineering Purposes.

Wide Range of Modern Geotechnical and Material Testing Machinery/Equipment/Accessories.

Specialized Equipment: Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD), Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD), Ground Penetrating Radar, Cable Locator, Network Survey Vehicle, Retrosign Reflectometer and Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit.

Test Procedures and Techniques Adhering to IS, BS, AASHTO & ASTM Standards.