Most of the movement of commodities and manufactured goods between countries takes places over the sea, making well-designed and efficient ports critical to a country’s industrial growth. Our expertise in the ports sector includes port and terminal feasibility studies, port planning, and container terminal planning and design.



  • Traffic Assessment Including Cargo Forecasting
  • Hinterland Connectivity
  • Conceptual Layouts for the Proposed Project
  • Preliminary Plans for the Most Suitable Layout
  • Block Cost Estimates
  • Project Implementation Schedule
  • Construction Methodology
  • Financial Analysis
  • Review Project Cost, Project Contracts, Contractor Bills
  • Implementation of Environmental Regulations and Safety Measures
  • Spot Verification of the Quality of Construction during Site Visits on Quarterly Basis
  • Submit Financial and Physical Progress Report
  • Identification Critical Project Milestones and to Monitor the Implementation of the Project
  • Review and Monitoring the Quality Control Tests
  • Review the Status of Obtaining Necessary Approval, Permits, Licenses and Project Completion Certificates, etc. as Required by the Company for the Implementation of the Project, Review of Contractors Invoices on Quarterly Basis and Certify the Capital Cost Incurred
  • Issuing Drawdown Certificates to Client



  1. Techno – Economic Feasibility Report for the Development of Port at Astaranga Area in Puri District for Navayuga Engineering Co. Ltd., Orissa
  2. Lender’s Engineer for Solid Cargo Port Terminal Project at Dahej for Adani Petronet (Dahej) Port Private Ltd., Gujarat.
  3. Lender’s Engineer for the Development of Deep Water Port at Krishnapatnam (Phase-I) for Krishnapatnam Port Corp. Ltd., Andhra Pradesh.
  4. Survey of Krishnapatnam Port Co. Ltd., Andhra Pradesh.
  5. Development of Rly. Siding facilities at Kakinada Deep Water port, Andhra Pradesh.
  6. LE for Development of Liquid Cargo Berth EQ-10 at Vizag Port, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  7. LE for Development of Multi Purpose Cargo Berth EQ-10 at Kandla Port, Gujarat, India.